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FDJ Stunning Brazillian stonerized prog that owes a huge debt to the early rock sounds of the 70's.
Full review here...........
stonerking1.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/pathos-elixir-brazil-prog-stoners-debut.html Favorite track: Ankh.
Hugo Bomtempo Furtado
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Hugo Bomtempo Furtado It's a huge pleasure to see this level of musical quality coming from Brazil!
All the tracks have a great structure. Rising and descending at a great rhythm and at the right time. Awesome! Favorite track: The Wanderer.
paul rote
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Progressive stoner rock ????
Jethro Tull meets Rush.
Reminds me of some obscure late seventies masterpiece. Favorite track: Sophie.
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released August 6, 2015

recorded live @ Estúdio Verde, Belo Horizonte, February 21st and 22nd, 2015
recording engineer Arthur Damásio
flute recordings by Vinícius Faza @ Estúdio Immaginaria, Juiz de Fora, July 2nd, 2015
mixed by Arthur Damásio
mastered by César Santos

musical production by Arthur Damásio and Pathos
executive producer Ricardo Marliere

cover art by Herman Faulstich

all music by Pathos

Pathos are Hugo Moutinho, João Pedro Vieira, Lucas Guida and Ricardo Marliere



all rights reserved


Pathos Brazil

João Pedro Vieira
Ricardo Marliere
Lucas Guida
Hugo Moutinho

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Track Name: A Haunted Vision
do you wanna climb a long stair?
glory and fame it's up there
step by step you'll have to go
and down here you leave your soul

and you can't fear what's in the way
what will you see? I can't say
this stair is different to each one
who climbs it up don't return

as you can see, this ladder is so steep
you're not blind, go and try to find
a mean to your soul! now you have to go
now you have to go, now you got to go!

don't be afraid, start your climb
as soon as you leave, you'll arrive
tell goodbye to your family and friends
maybe you won't see them never again
Track Name: Sophie
the fear was blinding his eyes
a mist he was seeing
in a swamp of lies
that people said bleeding

beyond the mist he saw
a bonfire shining bright
the book of rules and laws
irradiating light

he knew by her side there would be no pride
in the end there is no more place to hide
as he is torn apart by the tears he cried
the child will born and the man will die

child of the Silver Star, remember who you are
I’m crying for you, under the light of the moon
a pray to your dad, the sun, the fire red
the horns in your head are there to guide the dead
see happiness in doom, the dark is good to you
and remember who you are, child of the Silver Star
Track Name: Untitled (formerly known as The God)
act I – The Father
so you are about to be born
my son, this shall be all yours one day
rest tight until then
then you’ll hear my voice in your heart
in dragon cold flames you’re burning and now you explode

act II – The Son
listen father, for I have not sinned
yet your voice is all that I dream of
yes, I believe that I can fly
look at me, how beautiful am I?

act III – The Hanged Man
my father, why hast thou forsaken me?
look who is here
hanging out cold
what does he got in his pocket?
he looks so familiar
you know, he could be me
Track Name: Ankh
in this world I was born
spitted in fire
through my birth in death
I have emerged
and now I’m alive

with my golden armor
smoky spear in my hand
I’ll be going to war
towards your faith
to rip your flesh from inside

take my blinding light
eat and drink it or leave
then gain my trembling strength
go on now and
try to do it again

I have a hunger for fear
show me where does it hide
I will strike with my sword
shining with blood
since there is no god where I am
where am I?

in a moment in eternity I saw a tear
rolling down your face
you seem so distant to me yet standing so near
oh, my dear
I wish we could be one again
I will hit you hard to see
if you can take my heart along with you

I am not allowed to die
I always change, I will born again
infinite force I have within
in flames so high I’m burning inside

and I will keep it up
I will keep it low
try to keep on living
there is no other way
keep on loving
Track Name: The Wanderer
he is no doubt a man
but to another realm he belongs
from a cold distant mountain he comes
wandering alone

a big black steed he rides and his step sounds like hell
his light will prevail
bearing profane symbols he banes spirits and spells
he doesn’t know what to seek

gold, wine, glory, wisdom, power, happiness
or the one great Truth beyond this ocean of chaos

he can read the stars
he can see the future
he can talk to the wind’s nature
speaking ancient tongues

he wields the hell flaming steel
blessed in the fire of battle
whose scarlet soaked wire
makes him a restless servant of death
Track Name: Sequel
as desolation rips the land apart
and the air is filled with sorrow
he fits the entire universe as one
finding joy in his suffering
standing right by the gates
of the most glorious and ancient city
there goes Nobody